The Word One to One Training/Outreach in SA – Richard Borgonon


The Word One to One Training/Outreach in SA

8 to 18 September

Richard Borgonon (together with William Taylor) developed the Word One to One outreach tool that is impacting evangelism in the UK, Australia and now Africa. He will be in SA through September, conducting training workshops in Jo’burg, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. You are invited to attend a session and experience what Rico Tice has called “the silver bullet going forward” in evangelism. See schedule below.

Grant Griffiths from CBD  held a Skype interview with Richard to glean a little more about the Word One to One and his visit.

Grant:  So what’s this about you in the TV studio this week with the Word One to One?

Richard:   Well, TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network – is the world’s biggest Christian television broadcaster, and the Billy Graham Association said to them, “You really should look at the Word One to One, because no one has done anything like it.” And of course, the Word One to One doesn’t cut across anything out there because it’s about reaching people you know, colleagues in the workplace, on a one to one basis. So TBN has shown a lot of interest in it.

Grant:  Rico Tice says The Word One to One is God’s current blueprint for reaching the unchurched. Has that been your experience?

Richard:  Well, in the ten years I’ve been showing this to people, every single person has said, “Why didn’t anyone show me this before?” Every single one!

Grant:  That’s amazing…

Richard:  Damning of us, actually. Like Rico Tice said, we’re very good at running courses, we’re very, very good at what we lay on in church, but that just doesn’t reach the biblically ignorant person who, in this age, is nowhere near thinking about Christ.

Grant:  So tell us more about people’s responses over the last ten years.

Richard:  Every person responds in two ways: one, why didn’t anyone show this to me before? I had no idea the Bible said that! And then as they progress through reading John’s gospel, by the time they’re midway, they acknowledge that the evidence for Christ as God is overwhelming… irrefutable. They don’t necessarily become a Christian at that point, but there is always a realization that the gospel is utterly watertight in its evidence.

Grant:  So how does the Word One to One fit in with Christianity Explored and other such courses? Is there a synergy?

Richard:  It’s the missing element that should precede them. The evidence shows that by the time people are converted on a course like Christianity Explored, they’ve attended it three times… that’s if they bother to come back. That’s how biblically ignorant people are. But the Word One to One is a great way to introduce them, in a far more accessible way, to the Bible and Christ’s claims, after which a church course will have much greater impact.

Grant:   Am I right in understanding you’ve been recording a whole bunch of TV sessions of the Word One to One?

Richard:  Yes. TBN will be broadcasting the entire One to One series to 52 countries throughout Africa. So we’ve been shooting all 38 sessions of the Word One to One, with each being a television episode. Once they’ve been broadcast, the idea will then be to put them on our website and it will be possible to use them for outreach. But that’s just an add-on. Using the books, one on one with a friend or colleague, is how it works best.

Grant:  I’ve gone through the first book and I love it. It’s simple, easy to use, unthreatening… something I would be comfortable using with anyone from their teens through to retirement.

Richard:  I’ve seen teens, business executives and even a 93 year old woman in Australia using them effectively. Fantastic!

Grant:  The way you’ve formatted John’s gospel demystifies the Bible. I think people generally have an idea of the Bible as outdated, King Jamesy, a stuffy old book they dread opening. But the Word One to One absolutely bypasses that and – slap bang – you’ve got God speaking to you fresh.

Richard:  There are two phrases I’d encourage you to use with people: it’s socially acceptable… and it’s socially accessible. That’s clearly what the Lord has done globally by having John’s gospel presented in this way. When we Christians walk into church lovingly stroking our whopping Bibles, we’re really saying to people we have a bunch of knowledge they’ll never have. But when you share a booklet, we’re on the same level and no one’s threatened. We’ve got to have this level playing field if we’re going to engage people.

Grant:  So tell us, what do you think of South Africa?

Richard:   Oh, I love South Africa! I’m really looking forward to coming back. My problem is, this is my third visit and it really has to be my last for a while. I’m hoping that the Christian leadership in South Africa will now pick up and run with the Word One to One, which is what has happened in Australia. I’m hoping we’ll see an advisory group set up with a training director to take on the responsibility of doing here what has happened overseas.

Grant:   You’ll be visiting churches running evangelism training, showing people how to use the course, also doing outreach using it. Is that right?

Richard:   Yes, but again, I’m hoping that my trip will result in South Africa picking up on what God is doing. My next focus will be Canada.

Grant: Are you developing this ministry full time?

Richard:  No, I’m still involved in business, that’s where I get my contacts. I’m generally doing about twenty, twenty-one Word One to Ones with people I’ve met. I’m not a full-time evangelist. That’s the beauty of this course. It’s for people who are in the workplace, meeting people.

Grant:   What’s really great about the Word One to One is the price. So much coming from overseas is expensive, especially if you have to give one to somebody, like on this course. But your price will definitely help us to promote the material in South Africa.

Richard:  People spend more on the coffee, Grant! That’s part of 10ofthose Books’ principles. No one’s making money off the material. We’ve priced it so cheap that the royalties are pathetic and just go straight back into the ministry.

Grant:   We’re praying for and looking forward to your visit through September, Richard!

Richard:   Honestly, shooting 36 television episodes so far has been consuming, but at last I’m gearing up for my trip.

Whether you're 15 or 95, learn how to reach your friends and colleagues using John's Gospel in a friendly, accessible and totally unthreatening format. Best of all, learn to do it one on one! 

Richard will be in JHB between 9-11 September at the Rezolution Conference, Randburg Baptist Church and Christian Revivial Centre, Lenasia. He will be in Pietermaritzburg on 12 Sep and Durban on 13th. On 14th he'll do training in Somerset West.  On 15th there'll be an outreach in Kloof Street, a training workshop in Durbanville on the 16th, and an outreach in Tokai on 17th Sep.
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Click here to see Rico Tice explain why the Word One to One is God’s blueprint for evangelism today.

In Conversation with Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts is an author and speaker, and the Rector of St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, UK. Currently in South Africa as a keynote speaker for the GWC Reformation Symposium (29-31st Aug), he is also scheduled at various other platforms and training initiatives during his visit. 

Grant: Could you give us a heads-up on what you’ll be speaking about at GWC?

Vaughan: Well, it’s an academic conference, and they’ve got all sorts of very learned academics doing very learned academic things. I’m neither academic nor learned, so they’ve given me the topic Luther: the Man, which is gloriously open. I’ve studied Luther so much this year, but in the end I’ve focused on the particular spiritual struggles he faced. He struggled with assurance, doubt, depression and guilt throughout his life. What’s very helpful is that he reflected on that theologically. He found things that helped him which he then passed on – he was a great pastor. So I’ll be passing on some of the lessons he learned to help us engage with the spiritual struggles we face in life.

Grant: Concerning spiritual struggles, you write on the thorny issues facing us today, like the transgender and assisted suicide debates. Do these resonate in the South Africa you’re seeing?

Vaughan: Oh definitely, it’s a global world isn’t it? Wherever you are in the world, there are some currents that affect us all.

Grant: Are you speaking to these during your visit?

Vaughan: Well, just this morning at the minister’s training, we’ve been looking at what I call – picking up on A Better Story. It’s worth getting hold of.

Grant: Speaking of really fine books, when reading yours, one senses a deep compassion driving them as you engage on questions of gender and sexuality. Has the church struggled to express this compassion during the sexual revolution decades?

Vaughan: It’s hard to generalize because different Christians and churches have responded in different ways. It’s hard to get it right, so some have rather gone with the flow. I know plenty of churches who’ve just adapted to fit in with the culture. Others have been adamant that we have to take on the culture and have been quite aggressive. Others have simply withdrawn to preserve their purity. Yet we’re called to engage in a way that doesn’t compromise the truth of God – not lobbying verbal grenades from afar, but in the context of relationships. The Lord Jesus is our model. He never compromised on truth, he did not withdraw, he engaged, he got involved, he loved them… but he did call them to repent. Our temptation is to shout truth from a distance, but that’s not what the Lord Jesus did. Like him, we need to be loving, truthful, practical.

Grant: Do you enjoy writing?

Vaughan: Whenever I write a book, I always think I’m never going to do it again ‘cause it’s such hard work. But then, maybe nine months or a year later, something bubbles up that I want to get out. And that’s basically how things have developed.

Grant: Do you have a sense of your writing being a God-given calling?

Vaughan: Well, I hope so! In retrospect, after I’m done with the hard process of writing, it’s a wonderful thing. I mean, here I am in Cape Town, as a result, 6000 miles away from home. People are reading my books. I appreciate that it’s got a big reach.

Grant: In your book Faith in a Time of Crisis, you encourage those who face sexual struggles to see restraint as a gift from God, a sacrifice. Considering how far sexual licence has slid, do you think that’s a message people can embrace today?

Vaughan: It’s a huge challenge, but we don’t start there. Our message to the world is not “Deny yourself sexually”. Our message rather is about Christ, and how He’s given Himself for them. It’s only when someone considers who Christ is and what He’s done, that they’ll even consider any change that might mean denying themselves. So the no’s of the gospel flow from the yes’s. And the yes’s are God’s massive love for them.

Grant: In Assisted Suicide you warn how categorizing people – in this case, the terminally ill – has, throughout history, led to a licence to treat people differently. You mention the Holocaust. It strikes one as ironic, because so many sub-cultures today intentionally categorize themselves in order to find their identity, for example, the LGBTI groups. In our desire for equality, humanity is becoming increasingly splintered. How on earth are we going to bring humanity back to seeing itself as a whole?

Vaughan: Our identity comes from Creation. We don’t have to find an identity. But if we just emerged by accident, then of course I will latch onto anything to give myself an identity because I have no intrinsic value. So our identity mark has become hugely significant in our search for meaning. It has also become very well defended because that’s all we’ve got. And that identity has become defined by difference. But if we start with Creation, then God has already given us value by creating us in His image. We are much-loved creatures distinct from the rest of the created order. And that means that every single human being has a common humanity and a common dignity because we’re all made in the image of God. Of course there are differences, male and female, cultures, backgrounds, but fundamentally we share a common humanity. That’s how we should recognize one another, rather than emphasizing the differences. And then in Christ, there’s an even deeper connection, not just in our common humanity, but relationally when we become brothers and sisters and share a fundamental union in Him. In Christ we really find who we are… and then we find each other.

Grant Griffiths enjoyed chatting with Vaughan at CBD’s bookshop in Belvedere Road, Claremont, Cape Town on Friday, 25th Aug.

Equip Book of the Month: August

 Together Through the Storm, by Sally Sims

In our fallen world, episodes of sickness, suffering, and other trials are all too common. And the Bible’s clear call for us to show Christian love and care means we know we shouldn’t sit idly by while people around us go through these tough times.

Yet our genuine concern for others is often hindered by valid fears—the fear of not knowing Together Through the Stormwhat to do or what to say; the fear of putting our foot in it and making things worse; or the fear that involvement may take us beyond our own personal resources.

In Together Through the Storm, Sally Sims helps us overcome these fears by setting out clear biblical foundations and very practical guidance for Christian care that is based in the word of God and in Christian hope.

Sally brings a tremendously useful mix of life experiences to this important book, including training and practice as a nurse, study in pastoral care and chaplaincy, extensive reading and research, years of coordinating and providing pastoral care in her church, and, of course, personally persevering through her own times of trial.

Reading Together Through the Storm will help any Christian to develop in their ability to care for others, but it also provides a useful foundation for training a ‘care team’ in your church.

“It is a book for every congregation member, as it so practically charts a pathway of how we should all care for each other in church life.
At Moore College we seek to teach our students the elements of pastoral care. This book will certainly become part of our set reading, as it is one of the best books on the topic as well as being such a joy to read.”
Archie Poulos
Head, Ministry Department, Moore College, Sydney

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Darrell Bock visits SA…Kendall Specials & Janet Greener’s Midlife Crisis

RT Kendall

Dr RT Kendall delivered outstanding Bible teaching during his visit to SA last month. Now retired after decades of ministry from the pulpit and through his writings, Dr Kendall’s impact on the global church is immeasurable. Earnest Paddon wrote this of his teaching (In Pursuit of His Glory):      

“He has an amazing knowledge of the Scriptures and a willingness to deal with any verse in the passage preached, however difficult it might be. I can never remember hearing a sermon which did not bless me. He truly practiced what he has preached.”

CBD was present during his visit with his popular books in high demand. Now we are offering a selection of these at great discounts.

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 Why Jesus died  989634  In Pursuit of his wisdom

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Out of Your Comfort Zone (PB)  between the Times It ain't over till ite's over

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CSB Outreach Bible (PB) (Case of 24)

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The CHRISTIAN STANDARD BIBLE is an uncompromising yet reader-friendly translation that brings God’s truth to life. Read more…

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Dr Darrell Bock lectures at Bible Institute of South Africa


Renowned scholar and research professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, Darrell Bock spent the last two weeks lecturing at BISA on Lukan studies. With fourteen years specialized research on Luke behind him, lectures were “incredible”.

Dr Bock has co-written Truth Matters, a defense of Christian truth against growing attacks from popular secular scholars. It is timely, essential reading for students and all who struggle to reason through their faith. Read our full book review of this important book and view a short video introduction.

To celebrate Dr Bock’s visit to South Africa, we are offering Truth Matters at a special price. Offer valid while stocks last.

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Janet Greener’s Midlife Crisis

Janet farewell pic

For nigh on ten years, Janet Greener has been the marketing drive of CBD. She built solid relationships with churches, launched stores nationwide, and got to know the Christian book industry inside out.

“I didn’t have a clue about books when I first joined,” she says. “I thought the perfect Christian book was anything at CUM.”

We’re having our final catch-up before she walks out. I ask what she’ll miss most.

“Oh, shucks… bringing out some great speakers to South Africa, people like John Blanchard, Brian Edwards, Joel Beeke, Christopher Ash, Paul Tripp… getting involved with some dynamic pastors at grass roots level… there’s so much!”

And why is she leaving?

“I told my husband I think I’m having a mid-life crisis. He looked at me and said, ‘You’re definitely having one’. Ag, I feel after ten years that I’ve given it my best shot. Now it’s your turn!”

I’ve just spent two weeks flying around the country with her, meeting and greeting our clients and staff. Her energy and experience has awed me. She can hold a face-to-face conversation, whatsapp and deal with cancelled flight emergencies all at the same time. She’s a tour de force. We hug and she’s off to whatever’s next.

“Give me a call anytime you need advice,” she says as she leaves.

For sure, I think to myself. I’ll be doing plenty of that.

Grant Griffiths has stepped into Janet Greener's shoes. Pop in anytime for a coffee and chat with him at our head office in Claremont, or drop him a mail at with regard to anything marketing or sales. 

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Truth Matters, by Kostenberger, Bock & Chatrow

 Fighting Bart Ehrman’s Flood of Skeptism


Meet Bart Ehrman, NY Times best-selling author of  a run of books written to point out the flaws, weaknesses and inherent failures of Christianity.

As professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bart knows his stuff. He particularly knows, by his own admission, how to take apart the fluffy, cloistered faith of 19-year olds whose ideas about God have never been reasoned through. The simple, sing-a-song-on-Sunday-morning kind of faith Christian teens often live by is no match for Bart’s learned and well-formulated insights on textual criticism, the historical Jesus, how the NT developed, and the like.

And here’s the thing: his books, tours, televised debates and star-status presence is permeating colleges, schools and lecture halls world-wide. His ideas are in. And according to himself and those in his coterie, every honest scholar agrees with his findings. Yep, that’s his claim.

Why it Matters

Every now and then academia throws up a tour de force, some bright luminary under whose spell the world seems to bow. Now it’s Bart Ehrman’s turn. People – young people – and influencers are buying into his skepticism by the book load.

The problem is that our teens and college students are not generally equipped by churches to reason through their faith in a way that can grapple with Bart’s premises. They’re easy pickings at any college where some atheist lecturer – fueled by Bart’s fire – feels called to enlighten them. Right now, in our times, schools and colleges are the war zone and Bart is leading the charge against Scriptural integrity.

Help at Hand

Enter Drs Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw and Andreas Kõstenberger with a nifty little book called TRUTH Matters – Confident Faith in a Confusing World. The fight is on. And, I’m glad to say, Bart Ehrman’s confident arguments turn out not the final word he claims them to be.

Tackling his main premises in short, punchy, youth-friendly style, these three authors show the flaws, suppositions and problems with Bart’s approach to the classic problems:

  • why is there suffering and does God care?
  • is the Bible really inspired by God?
  • what about contradictions in the Bible?
  • who put the Bible together?
  • how do we know Jesus rose from the dead?

This is extremely helpful, timely reading designed to give your teens and college-goers reasons for their faith. Tools for tackling Bart’s arrows. They show in quick strokes that Bart’s interpretations are selective and actually conceal a lot more than they reveal. Sort of like a tour guide choosing what antiquities they’ll show you, and want they choose to ignore.

TRUTH Matters is relevant, highly-readable and utterly necessary. It’s sized to fit snugly into a jacket pocket or shoulder bag. I strongly advise you to get hold of some copies and give them to Christian youngsters you know who need tools to hold onto their faith. Or for anyone with questions about the reliability of Christianity.  Listen to comments from a few of the many scholars who’ve welcomed it:

“Truth Matters should be on every college freshsman’s reading list… the book’s rich content makes it an excellent resource for adults of all ages” – L.H. Cohick, professor of NT, Wheaton

“This is a very timely book… In a fashion that is both scholarly and accessible, the authors have provided a tremendous resource for the church.” – Michael J. Kruger, president Reformed Theological Seminary

“… a godsend, a clear and accessible resource for equipping Christian students to survive – and thrive – in our increasingly skeptical culture.” – Craig A. Smith, adjunct professor of NT, Denver Seminary

To coincide with Dr Darrell Bock’s lecture visit to the website.

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Reviewed by Grant Griffiths
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Specials, Freebies & Farewell to Michael Eaton

Discples Path Artwork

FREE LEADER’S GUIDE – When you buy 5 or more of any workbooks (vols 1 – 4)

The Disciples Path series was created by disciple-makers for disciple-makers. Lifeway recruited 14 disciple-making church leaders to think through how to instill the doctrines, biblical understandings, principles, and practices of discipleship with the end of making disciples who would make disciples. This group of leaders included senior pastors, education ministers, small group pastors, collegiate ministers, and discipleship pastors from various ministry areas and traditions.  Read more…

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Three Books Worth Having on Your Shelf…

Wjy Jesus died


Through the Bible




Great Colouring Bible for Kids!

My Own Keepsake Bible

My Own Keepsake Bible is a Bible storybook kids will love! Not only will they be able to read a great collection of Bible stories, but they will also be able to colour to their heart’s content. The cover and page edges have been uniquely  designed for kids to colour and personalize.

  • 172 stories from Old & New Testaments
  • 95 illustrations to colour, with caption and verse
  • a key verse with every story
  • the cover and page edges can be coloured and personalized for a unique keepsake treasure
  • printed on quality paper
  • a great gift idea



The Africa Study Bible Has Arrived!

Africa Study Bible (HC)

Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most discipleship and biblical resources come from a Western perspective—a culture far removed from the reality of life in Africa. In order to help meet this urgent need, the Africa Study Bible was created. Read more...


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Until We Meet Again, Michael Eaton…

A month ago, Michael Eaton went home after decades of equipping the world’s Christians. Christian Books Discounters was privileged to be associated with this humble servant of God. Not only have we promoted his books,download but we handled his book tables during his visits to South Africa. If you’re not familiar with him, available from our website and stores.

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Introducing the Africa Study Bible


The Need for a New Perspective

Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most discipleship and biblical resources come from a Western perspective—a culture far removed from the reality of life in Africa. In order to help meet this urgent need, the Africa Study Bible was created.

Alongside the clear and modern English of the beloved New Living Translation, the Africa Study Bible has over 2,400 notes and features that connects Scripture to different cultures throughout Africa. Over 300 writers and editors, from 50 countries, from five major language groups, have all worked on this project to create the most ethnically diverse Bible resource to date.

This life-transforming study Bible will be available to the millions of Christians who deeply desire to fully understand and apply God’s Word through the lens of African culture and heritage.

Watch this short introduction:

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Equip Book of the Month: July

Rhinestone Jesus, by Kristen Welch

In high school, Kristen Welch wore a big, sparkly rhinestone “Jesus” pin to school every dayRhinestone Jesus and carried her Bible wherever she went.

Yes, she was that girl…

But she didn’t realize her faith, though sincere, was shallow; much like her artificial accessories, it would one day tarnish, no longer a true fit for who she was. As real life catapulted Kristen into places and situations she’d never imagined, there came a day when she stood – shocked in the slums of Africa – and realized in one desperate moment that Jesus wasn’t enough for her.

At least . . . she wasn’t living like He was. On the brink of a risk bigger than any she’d ever taken, Kristen knew she didn’t stand a chance—unless she was willing to put aside the rhinestones and get branded by the real thing.

Rhinestone Jesus is the story of one woman’s journey from comfortably living a safe, “good-girl” faith that didn’t cost much, to realizing that God was daring her to say yes to a bolder, more authentic, more dangerous way. This story of spiritual adventure throws the doors wide open for any woman who’s ever thought of herself as “just a mom.”

Kristen will inspire and empower you to say yes to God right where you are—and stand amazed at how your life will shine.

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Our Favourite Picks This Week

This week's favourites

A small selection of our great products at great prices. Check out many more new arrivals or further specials available now!
Good Book, The (HC)


Good Book for Kids, The

CBD PRICE: R150.00

Jim Elliot (Heroes of the Faith)


Living on the Rock (CD)LIVING ON THE ROCK brings together Colin Buchanan and Karen Pang for the first time, singing a crazy collection of songs speaking about the walk of following Jesus, of trust and belief and obedience, of comfort and wisdom, of facing temptation and seeing the richness of righteousness, the deceit of sin and the wonders of knowing and being known by God. A must for kids! 



The Gospel to the Nations


Gospel DNA


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Quality Books on Special Offer!

These great books are still available through June at discounted prices. 

Luther and His KatieFew of us have heard of Catherine von Bora. And yet, as the beloved wife of Martin Luther, she can very justifiably be seen as one of the most influential figures in the Reformation. She made her home a haven of rest for the storm tossed man that was her husband. Luther once said, ‘Next to God’s Word, the world has no more precious treasure than holy matrimony. God’s best gift is a pious, cheerful, God-fearing wife, with whom you may live peacefully, to whom you may entrust your goods, your body, and your life.’

CBD PRICE: R115.00                         PROMO PRICE: R100.00


Glory of Heaven, TheIf you’re going to call it “home” for eternity, don’t you want to know what it’s like? Quite simply, we need to know more about what lies ahead for the sake of what lies in front of us today.  Pastor John MacArthur takes us through the pages of Scripture, exploring the wonders of heaven and the truth about angels and eternal life while addressing current debates and issues.

CBD PRICE: R270.00                         PROMO PRICE: R140.00


Sermons of George Whitefield, The (2vol)George Whitefield was an astounding preacher. Though slender of build, he stormed into the pulpit as if he were a giant. It was said that “his voice startled England like a trumpet blast.”  His messages were gospel-focused, simple and clear, bold, descriptive, earnest, and filled with pathos and emotion. Some calculate that he preached more than 18,000 sermons. Two volume set.

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Son of God and the New Creation, The1The theme of divine sonship stretches across the pages of the Bible: from Adam in the garden of Eden, through the nation of Israel and King David, and ultimately to Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem – the Son of God par excellence.  In this volume, renowned biblical scholar Graeme Goldsworthy shows what Christ’s fulfillment of the divine sonship motif means for all who are sons and daughters of God.

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1 & 2 Peter & Jude (Preaching the Word)In this exposition of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude, pastor David R. Helm explores these letters in depth, reminding us that present suffering precedes future glories for all who are in Christ. Pointing us to the only steadfast foundation for our faith, this meditative volume reminds us to look to God’s grace for the strength we need to contend for the faith and finish well in light of Christ’s return.

CBD PRICE: R245.00                            PROMO PRICE: R100.00


Genesis Factor, TheHere is a book for all who have a healthy uncertainty about life’s big questions – Where did I come from? Is there a God? Does this God care about me?  The authors believe that the answers are found where Christianity began – with the introduction of God and His work in the book of Genesis.  Using the Socratic method, they challenge readers to wrestle with Scripture itself rather than with systematic questions. This candid conversation with Genesis is an ideal apologetic for today’s postmodern culture.

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Father’s Day Special: The Man in the Mirror

Man in the MirrorThe Man in the Mirror: Solving the 24 problems Men Face has helped hundred of thousands of fathers and husbands understand the person who stares back at them in the mirror each morning. This powerful book invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and integrity, and then directs them to take the first step toward lasting change. Featuring focus questions in each chapter, The Man in the Mirror is perfect for personal and small group use.

“Few books are ever considered ‘classics.’ This one qualifies.”  Robert Wolgemuth

We are making this classic available on SPECIAL from our online store or Cape Town branch for this week only 13th – 17th June.


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Better Than Busy


Written by Colin Noble, guest contributor to

Recovering Rest in a Burnout Culture

The cry of our age is “busy.”

How are you? “Busy.”

How’s work? “Busy.”

How are the kids doing? “Their lives are so busy. I feel like I’m just a taxi driver.”

How was the shopping mall today? “Too busy.”

Can you help me? “I’m busy at the moment.”

The fast-paced busyness of life that pushes God to the margins can easily turn into burnout. Lots of us are crying out for ways of handling the busyness before it does.

Yet expectations of keeping up with everything continually escalate, courtesy of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, and the rest. We are all susceptible to the expectation that we always are available, aware of everything that is happening, and capable of achieving anything. Unsurprisingly, this demand to be omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent places pressure on all of us, whatever our level of social media dexterity.

“The fast-paced busyness of life that pushes God to the margins can easily turn into burnout.”

 Add some more ingredients — inadequate sleep, poor dietary habits, caffeine addiction, the urge to project our preferred identity, a sedentary lifestyle — and we have the perfect recipe for unremitting anxiety and restlessness.

But each of us is, if you like, the chief cook in our own kitchen. We can choose to rethink the ingredients we stir into the mix of life that leave us feeling bloated and stressed rather than nourished and sustained. The 24/7 hustle and bustle is of our own making, at least to some extent. Just as people go on detox diets, we would do well to heed calls for digital detox and reconsider how much we try to pack into life. A good starter is the practical suggestions for a twelve-step digital detox by Tony Reinke, followed with the richly nourishing poetry of Wendell Berry’s This Day.

The futile attempt to sustain ourselves by our own efforts is not new. Our digital age simply offers new manifestations of the age-old temptation to usurp God’s role for ourselves. But against this age-old temptation, God offers an age-old response: what would happen to our 24/7 switched-on world if the people who came to Jesus for rest (Matthew 11:28) regularly took a day of rest from distraction, work, and busyness? What would this weekly habit have to offer to the world in which we find ourselves — a world that restlessly continues to search for peace amid busyness?

1. Taking a weekly day of rest is a sign that we desire God.

 Taking one day a week to cease our strivings and focus on God shouts out that we desire God above status, financial reward, promotion in the workplace, achievement, and all other things that would distract us from the one we love.

“Taking one day a week to cease our strivings and focus on God shouts out that we desire God above all else.”

 Not taking time with someone we love when given the chance is a sure sign of diminished desire to be with them, to reflect together on the good times spent together in the past, and to consider what the future holds. When we specifically and intentionally set a day a week aside to focus on the Lord, as the old covenant people of God were commanded to do as they journeyed (Exodus 16:23, 25), we signal to the world that our hearts belong to him.

Treasuring a day of rest and worship lets people know where our heart lies.

2. Taking a weekly day of rest is a sign that we trust God.

 Taking one day a week to let go of our endeavors to survive the present and prepare for the future shows that we trust God that his provision for the present is adequate and his promise for the future is sure.

When we have a weekly rhythm of a day of rest, we stand alongside the old covenant saints who trusted God to provide for their needs (Exodus 16:22–30). We stand alongside Jesus, who rejected Satan’s attempt to convince him to look after his own needs, by recalling that we live not on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord (Matthew 4:4).

We live with integrity as people who pray “give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11), and then trust God to do it. As finite creatures, we declare our trust in the resources of the infinite Creator, who provides us with every blessing (Ephesians 1:3; 1 Timothy 6:17). When we commit to enjoy a weekly day of rest in the busiest seasons of life (see Exodus 34:21), we declare our trust in God even more loudly.

3. Taking a weekly day of rest proclaims Christ’s supremacy.

 Taking one day a week to loosen our hearts’ grip on our own achievements clears space for remembering and reminding each other of Christ’s achievements. Everything we cannot do, even with endless striving, Christ has done already. In our rest, we proclaim that he has fulfilled the requirement of perfect obedience to his Father (Romans 8:3–4). We proclaim that he has provided the true rest our pursuit of leisure activities and restless sleep cannot provide (Matthew 11:28–30).

“Everything we cannot do, even with endless striving, Christ has done already.”

 Since those who die in the Lord will rest from their hard labor (Revelation 14:13), resting one day a week now helps us to remember and prepare for that future, when at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess he is Lord (Philippians 2:10–11). We declare that our ambition is much bigger than career progression, or status elevation, or completing earthly tasks — it is to make Christ known.

4. Taking a weekly day of rest declares our freedom.

 Freeing one day a week from the tyranny of the urgent and the never-finished to-do list reminds us and those around us that we are no longer slaves. The original recipients of the command to rest one day in seven were reminded that the Lord rescued them from slavery in Egypt (Deuteronomy 5:15). But for Israel — and for us — redemption from physical bondage was merely a picture of the greater freedom from sin and death (Romans 6:15–23). We see more clearly than did Israel that we “were called to freedom” (Galatians 5:13), and therefore our cause for remembrance and celebration is greater.

We take a day of rest not by obligation, but out of a greater desire to pause, to remember, to look forward, and to worship. Declaring that we freely choose to celebrate freedom is a message sorely needed by those who are enslaved to the obligations of busyness and who feel like they cannot escape the tyranny of burnout.

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