The Gospel to the Nations


By: Bolt & Thompson

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ISBN: 9780851114682

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Perspectives on Paul’s Mission

The mission of the apostle Paul, to proclaim the gospel to the nations, continues to be of vital relevance for the Christian church at the beginning of the twenty-first century. By Paul’s own testimony, the gospel he was set apart to preach focused on Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, as the fulfilment of God’s promises (Romans 1:1-13). Hence if we are to be true to the apostle, we must seek to understand his mission and message from the perspective of biblical theology. This impressive collection explores facets of such a perspective, under four broad headings: the Old Testament background to Paul’s mission; New Testament studies; the wider context of the world in which Paul’s message was proclaimed; and the use of that message in history and contemporary thought. These essays offer fresh and important contributions to Pauline studies, and were commissioned in honour of Peter T O’Brien (Vice Principal, Moore College, Sydney), who has made Paul’s concerns his own through distinguished scholarship and personal ministry.