Between the Times (Malachi)


By: Kendall, R T


ISBN: 1857927923

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Malachi: God’s Last Prophet of the Old Testament

The message of Malachi is ‘You are loved’.  We all have skeletons in the cupboard, and God knows every one of them, yet he still says ‘I Love you’.  Through the prophet Malachi, however, God doesn’t just leave it there – he goes on to say HOW he loves us – and what we should do in response.

The book of Malachi is intensely practical, as befits the last book of the Bible before the New Testament.  This was God’s last word for almost 500 years and he wanted us to take notice!

Malachi has lessons for us on taking God for granted, who we should marry, how we should talk to God, recovering from backsliding, God’s character and our future with him.  Kendall writes in his characteristic devotional style, one that enables us to meditate on God’s word.  Each section will therefore help you stand still in front of God and re- assess your relationship with him.  Kendall reaches the acme of Biblical explanation.





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