Out of Your Comfort Zone (PB)


By: Kendall, R T


ISBN: 9780446697354

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What is so wrong with being nice? Nothing. But the God of the Bible is not nice. Out of Your Comfort Zone brings us back to the God of the Bible. Not the God we like or the way we wish He were. But the very God of the Bible—unembellished, unvarnished—as He really is. This does not mean we’ll like Him.

Many times, we’re embarrassed by the God of the Bible, especially the God of the Old Testament—and even the teachings of Jesus when it comes to His being the only way to be saved, as well as God’s right to judge and reward or condemn. We attempt to manage God’s public relations and fix His image in the modern world. We’re tempted to modify and mold God into what we want Him to be—what we think He should be. Instead, we should be finding out where God is and meet Him there. Even if that takes us out of our comfort zones.