Solving Marriage Problems


By: Adams, Jay

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ISBN: 0310510813

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Biblical Solutions for Christian Counselors

“Counselors unanimously find that marriage and family problems outnumber all other counseling problems combined.  For that reason alone, counselors should want to learn all they can about marriage counseling.” ~ Jay Adams

This book will help counselors understand and deal with the typical problems that arise in a marriage. The approach is to offer not merely solutions, but biblical solutions. Chapter by chapter, each problem that is brought into focus is addressed by Scripture, and a solution arising from Scripture is developed.  Unless one understands what a biblical marriage is supposed to be, it is difficult to solve marriage problems. For that reason, Dr. Adams spends the first few chapters developing a biblical model. Then he treats many of the specific kinds of problems that typically arise: life patterns, priorities, children, sex roles, in-laws, and so forth.  This is a book that belongs on every pastor’s and every counselor’s shelf.





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