Why Jesus Died


By: Kendall, R T


ISBN: 9780857210616

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A Meditation on Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53 is one of the clearest messianic messages of the Old Testament, and is often quoted in the New Testament as a prophecy of what would happen to Jesus.  Going carefully through the chapter verse by verse, Dr Kendall tackles such crucial subjects as:

  • What makes faith, faith?
  • How does one recognize God at work?
  • Who really crucified Jesus?
  • Is there healing in the atonement?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • What are the results of Jesus’ death?
  • What does the blood of Jesus do for us, and what does the blood of Jesus do for God?

Kendall’s study of Isaiah chapter 53 takes us directly to the heart of the Christian faith and persuasively answers many of our most critical questions.





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