20th Birthday Celebration: August Promotion

Prices valid until 31st August 2015 or while stocks last.

Idiot, The Dostoyevsky, Fodor Dover R78.57 43% R45.00 The Idiot (Signet Classics)
Envy of Eve Kruger, Melissa CFP R171.43 50% R85.00 envy of eve
Message of Heaven & Hell (BST) Milne, Bruce IVP R164.29 45% R90.00 Message of Heaven and Hell (BST)
Holy Spirit: His Person & Ministry  Palmer, Edwin  P&R  R157.14 49%  R80.00  Holy Spirit - His Person and Ministry
Compelled Stetzer/Nation New Hope  R214.29  40%  R130.00  Compelled
Confessions of a Reformation Rev  Driscoll, Mark  Zondervan  R185.71  52%  R90.00  Confessions of a Reformission Rev
Heaven (pocket Puritans)  Edwards, J  Banner of Truth  R65.71 50%  R32.50  Heaven (Edwards)
 Church, The  Philips/Ryken/


 P&R  R92.86  52%  R45.00  Church, The (Ryken, Phillips and Dever)
 ESV Greek-Eng New Testament  Nestle-Aland  Crossway  R935.71 58%  R400.00  ESV Greek English New Testament
Mark (Pillar) Edwards, James IVP R792.86 49% R400.00 Mark (Pillar) (Eerdmans)
 Messenger of love: Malachi (Geared for Growth)  Dinnen, Marie  CFP  R50.00  R50%  R25.00  Messenger of Love (Malachi) Geared for G
Help, I’m confused about dating  James, Joel  Day One  R21.43  53%  R10.00 HELP! I'm Confused about Dating
 Horizons of Hope  Edwards, Brian  Day One  R114.29  48%  R60.00  Horizons of Hope (Reprint)
On the New Testament Driscoll, Mark Crossway R100.00 50% R50.00 On the New Testament (2)
Next Story Challies, Tim Zondervan R247.71 40% R150.00 The Next Story
Ultimate Questions (ESV Booklet) Blanchard, John EP R28.57  56%  R12.50  Ultimate Questions (ESV Booklet Edition)
 Ultimate Questions (ESV Pocket)  Blanchard, John  EP  R14.29  51%  R7.00  Ultimate questions ESV Pocket
 For the Lord we Love  Stott, John  Didasko  R14.29  65%  R5.00  For the Lord we Love
 Ichthus File (Vol 2 Genesis 12-36)  Matthias Media  R42.86  76%  R10.00  Ichthus File Issue 2


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