The Envy of Eve


By: Kruger, Melissa


ISBN: 9781845507756

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Sub-titled ‘Finding Contentment in a Covetous World’ is book is about what is truly at the heart of our desires.

The Envy of Eve guides readers to understand how desires grow into covetousness and what happens when this sin takes power in our hearts. Covetousness chokes out the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, allowing discontentment to bloom. The key to overcoming is to get to the root of our problem: unbelief-a mistrust of God’s sovereignty and goodness.

“In an age and culture where we all tend to have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, this book makes a brilliant diagnosis that goes right to the heart of the problem.”
Ann Benton ~ Author and family conference speaker, Guildford, England

“Through biblical examples and sympathetic counsel we are pointed again and again to the delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Faith Cook ~ author of Troubled Journey, Derbyshire, England





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