For the Lord We Love


By: Stott, John


ISBN: 9781906890001

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The Lausanne Covenant is widely regarded as one of the most significant documents in modern church history. This study guide, written with the sharp mind and the pastoral insights of John Stott, can be used personally or in groups – in a weekly church setting, in campus fellowships or in seminaries. Each section is followed by stimulating and searching questions.

The Lausanne Covenant has been a great rallying call to the evangelical Church around the world. It defined what it means to be evangelical, that is, what it means to have Scripture as final authority in what we believe and in how we live. It is a covenant with one another and a covenant with God himself.

John Stott was chief architect of The Lausanne Covenant. He has taught and preached globally and is author of over 50 books. He is Honorary Chairman of The Lausanne Movement.





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