Message of Heaven and Hell (BST)


By: Milne, Bruce



ISBN: 9780851112763

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When death breaks into our lives, the great questions of human existence and destiny confront us. What is life? What is death? Is there an afterlife? Often it is only in the midst of tragedy that these issues are given much attention – but the basic orientation of Christianity is towards heavenly hope.

Bruce Milne takes us on a journey through the biblical teaching about the awesome realities of heaven and hell – destinies central to our understanding of God and humanity. He begins with an examination of some key Old Testament texts, then moves on to the teaching of Jesus, and finally surveys other relevant New Testament passages.

Debate continues about this area of Christian belief, but the life to come is a biblical ‘fact of life’, and the eternal God assures us, repeatedly and clearly, that he will meet us all in eternity.





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