The Message of Heaven and Hell (BST)


By: Milne, Bruce



ISBN: 9780851112763

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Grace and Destiny

Death is one of the certainties of life.  But what happens beyond death?  What inexpressible wonders – or unspeakable horrors – will we encounter beyond the pale of this life?  The topic of life and judgment beyond death is one that has occupied the minds of Christians in former eras but today seems to be in partial eclipse.

As Bruce Milne argues, we are poorer for it – without even recognizing our poverty.  There is such a thing as being so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly good.  But there is also such a thing as being so unheavenly minded that we lose sense of earthly good and the gravity of life in the present.  This is far more dangerous.

In The Message of Heaven and Hell, Milne guides us from Genesis to Revelation, stopping to examine key texts that illumine the destiny of humanity, the nature of heaven and hell and the glory of life everlasting in the presence of God.





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