Birthday Promotion: July Specials

Prices valid until 30th July 2015 or while stocks last.

 The Next Story Challies, Tim Zondervan  R247.71  40%  R150.00  The Next Story
The Family Balswick & Balswick Baker R485.71 49%  R250.00  Family, The
Stirrings of the Soul Ruiter, Michael Matthias Media R150.00 50%  R75.00  Stirrings of the Soul
Secret of Contentment Matthias Media R21.43 53% R10.00  Secret of Contentment, The (Minizine)
Dawn of a Kingdom (1 Sam) Welwyn Comm, Keddie, Gordon Evangelical Press R171.43 50% R85.00  Dawn of a Kingdom (1 Samuel - Welwyn)
Young, Restless, Reformed Hansen, Colin Crossway R135.71 48% R70.00  Young, restless, reformed
Truth about Jesus Barnett, Paul Aquila R148.57 50% R75.00  Truth About Jesus, The
Men of God Various Good Book Company  R71.43  51%  R35.00  Men of God
Life God Rewards Wilkenson, Bruce Multnomah  R30.00  50%  R15.00  A Life God Rewards HC
These are the days of Elijah Kendall, R.T. Revell  R264.29  38%  R165.00  These Are the Days of Elijah
Turning Back to God (Hosea & Obediah) Bentley, Michael EP  R128.21  50% R65.00  Turning Back to God (Hosea & Obadiah)
On the New Testament Driscoll, Mark Crossway  R100.00  50%  R50.00  On the New Testament (2)
Declaration of Love Davies, Samuel Crossway  R22.64  56%  R10.00  Declaration of Love
Domestic Abuse Powlinson, Tripp,Welch P&R  R28.57  47%  R15.00  Domestic Abuse
The God who saves Matthias Media  R34.00  50%  R17.00  God Who Saves, The
NIV Gospel of Luke Good Book Company  R21.43  53%  R10.00  NIV Gospel of Luke (Goodbook)
Peer Pressure Tripp, Paul New Growth  R35.71  50%  R17.50  Peer Pressure
Help, my marriage has gone cold Rick, Thomas Day One  R25.00  50%  R12.50  Help_My_marriage_has_grown_cold_9781846252198
Future and Hope(Geared for Growth) Potter, CM CFP  R50.00  50%  R25.00  Future and Hope
 For the Lord we love Stott, John Didasko  R14.29  65% R5.00  For the Lord we Love

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