A Declaration of Love (Gospel Essen.)


By: Davies, Samuel



ISBN: 0852344082

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John 3:16 is a favourite text of many twentieth-century evangelists.  But have they always rightly explained the verse, or even sought to probe some of its depths?  It would seem not in the light of this illuminating message by Samuel Davies, whom Martyn Lloyd-Jones once described as the greatest preacher America ever produced.  With passion and concern for those who are lost in their sin, Davies draws for us the amazing love of God in Jesus Christ.  ‘Oh what love this is!’ he exclaims with rapture and delight.  But, like all good preachers, Davies presses for a response to this amazing display of God’s love and grace.  Surely here is a treatment of John 3:16 that does justice to the sovereignty of God in salvation, but that is also calculated to change the heart of the vilest sinner.  This series of evangelical classics has been masterfully edited so as to make them easily accessible to the modern reader while preserving the content and flavour of the original text.





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