Men of God


By: Various



ISBN: 1904889042

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Growing Men’s Ministry in the Local Church

Has there ever been a more urgent time for Christian men to stand up and be counted?  Family life is being systematically destroyed in our culture.  Biblical Christianity is being undermined from within the historic denominations.  The demands and insecurity of working life are increasing.

This book is designed to encourage Christian men to live for Christ: in their homes; in their workplaces; in their leisure; and in their churches.  It is a resource for developing strong men’s ministries in the local church which will lead to the mutual nurture, support and encouragement of men to keep going in our resolve to know Christ and to make Him known.

Includes contributions from John Benton, Richard Coekin, Phillip Jensen, David Jackman, Hugh Palmer, Vaughan Roberts, William Taylor, Rico Tice, John Tindall, Trevor Archer & Tim Thornborough. Published for The London Men’s Convention by The Good Book Company.





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