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melvintinkerMelvin Tinker is the Vicar of St John Newland where he has served since 1994.  Melvin read Theology at Oxford University and trained for ordination at Wycliffe Hall.  As well as speaking around the country and abroad, Melvin is the author of over 60 published articles dealing with a wide range of  subjects relating to ethics and theology. He is also the author of several books.

  The Renewed Pastor
Close Encounters
Renewed Pastor, The
Close Encounters
 Normal CBD Price: R205.00


 Normal CBD Price: R50.00

Promotion: R30.00

Road to Reality
Alien Nation
Road to Reality


Alien Nation
 Normal CBD Price R85.00

Promotion: R65.00

 Normal CBD Price: R65.00

Promotion: R50.00

Why do bad things happen
to good people
 Wisdom to live by
Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People
Wisdom to Live By
 Normal CBD Price: R80.00

Promotion: R65.00

 Normal CBD Price: R70.00

Promotion: R50.00

 Tales of the Unexpected
Evangelical concerns 
 Tales of the Unexpected Evangelical Concerns 
Normal CBD Price: R90.00

Promotion: R65.00 

Normal CBD Price: R135.00

Promotion: R125.00 

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