By Trevor Bradley                                  Picture provided courtesy of www.trailblazer.co.za

However tall the mountain looms.  As the song says “through it all, He is Lord… Lord of all”.  Why then, I ask myself, is my heart so prone to doubt?  Why do I allow him, the deceiver/liar, such a foothold?  Why do I land up in the space of fear, which is drivenundaunted-dvd by doubt, only to have Him come yet again, and again, and yet again, to speak and bring peace, to my troubled, unbelieving heart?  Why do i forget His blessings and interventions, His amazing miracles on my behalf so easily?  

Read Mark 6 vs 32-52.  Firstly 5000 people are fed out of a basket containing but 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Then right after that, a storm that threatens to take the lives of the disciples, were it not for the intervention of the Lord.  Yet as we further proceed through the Gospels, we see not too far down the road, when a bunch of soldiers arrest Jesus, those very witnesses run.

I don’t want to dwell on lack of faith here.  Rather what I want to say is this: No matter if it is Faith Amid the Ruins (Habbakkuk)a storm or if it be a situation of “supply”, He will come through for you, to settle or provide.  He will be there, even if your heart is in the place where at first you cry ” is that you LORD?” I read in 2 Timothy 2 vs 13 where He says this (paraphrased for effect)

If we have little or no faith, yet He will remain faithful – for He cannot deny who He is and what He has promised”.

So today, WHATEVER the mountain that stands before you, know this, as that song goes: ” Saviour, He can move the mountains, My God is Mighty to save… He is mighty to save”.

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