Wisdom to Live By


By: Tinker, Melvin


ISBN: 1857925025

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Living Biblically in a Complex World 

Spike Milligan said of his friend, Peter Sellars ‘To know him was like going to a desert island, he’s that lonely…’
Pol Pot started his journey to terror in Cambodia by learning from philosopher Jean Paul Sartre that people have no intrinsic value.  Madonna’s conclusion on the one thing missing in her life is ‘I am a tormented person, I want to be happy’.
Paul Getty the richest man on earth, was asked ‘Is there anything you don’t have?’  He replied ‘you can always want a little more’.

Melvin Tinker shows what is missing in our contemporary mindset. He says –
‘Let me ask: do you want to know why deep down you feel you are important when everything around you says you are not?  Do you want to solve the paradox that the more you have the more you want and the less satisfied you seem to be?’

The answer? Queen Elizabeth, on her coronation, was handed a Bible and told ‘here is wisdom.’

If God is the creator of the universe we should expect that his revealed truth should work for the best, be timeless in his relevance, and move us at the deepest level of our being. Millions of people, from different ages and cultures throughout the world, have found this to be the case. They have discovered that in reading the Bible a miracle occurs – God speaks…





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