The God who Speaks

A Gospel Project small group bible study  by Mike Budler

Ed Stetzer, Lifeway General Editor, and Trevin Wax, Managing Editor, combine to write “The God Who Speaks, The (Workbook)God Who Speaks” for adults as part of their popular series – The Gospel Project.  The small group workbook is a biblical theology going from Genesis to Revelation as well as a systematic theology focusing on the work of Jesus Christ as found in both the Old and New Testaments.

The editors teach us how to respond to the Word of God as we live in a fallen world as unbelievers and also how we can respond to God’s Word once God redeems us.  In the introduction to The Gospel Project for Adults, we read that “the scriptures are a story revealed – it is one story of redemption through Jesus Christ.  The Gospel saves us, and when we encounter Jesus in the pages of Scripture, the Gospel works on us, transforming us into His image.  We become God’s Gospel Project.”

The editors speak of core values for the workbook:

  • It is rich in theology but not dry
  • It is Christ-centered
  • It is story-focused
  • It is mission-driven

The book also gives great small group tips: make sure that all participants have a workbook and that you have extras in case newcomers to the group need a copy; make sure that the group facilitator is trained and has a “missional attitude” in his life; that the group prays regularly for the Great Commission be carried out by each small group member; and that the group finds a Gospel Project to be done in the community or abroad (Acts 1:8).  Each chapter includes devotions for each individual to be read during the week and also group discussion questions for the facilitator.  Contributors include Tim Chandler, Timothy Keller, Tullian Tchividjian, John Piper & Wayne Grudem.

Allow God to be His Gospel Project – Begin with “The God Who Speaks.”  He will be glorified and you will grow in your faith!

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