The God Who Speaks (Workbook)


By: Stetzer, Ed ed. (TGP)

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ISBN: 9781415873045

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The Gospel Project for Students: The God Who Speaks – Topical Study is a short-term study that features summaries for each lesson, easy-to-follow talking points for group time, and three topical devotionals to go deeper during the week.

The Gospel Project for Students helps teens develop a bigger perspective of Scripture and how the gospel of Jesus Christ ties it all together. Every week, in every passage, students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of biblical theology, missions, and the grand narrative of Scripture.


Part 1: The God Who Speaks – 6
Chapter 1: The God Who Speaks – 7
Chapter 2: God Is Not Hiding – 19
Chapter 3: God Is Not Mute – 31

Part 2: Our Fallen Response to God’s Word – 44
Chapter 4: In God We Trust? – 45
Chapter 5: God’s Law for Life – 57
Chapter 6: Numb to the Word – 69

Part 3: Christ’s Perfect Response to God’s Word – 82
Chapter 7: Jesus: The Faithful Son Who Obeys God’s Word – 83
Chapter 8: Jesus: The Faithful Teacher Who Explains and Fulfills God’s Word – 95
Chapter 9: Jesus: The Faithful Servant Who Submits to God’s Word – 107

Part 4: Our Redeemed Response to God’s Word – 120
Chapter 10: Trusting – 121
Chapter 11: Submitting – 133
Chapter 12: Understanding – 145
Chapter 13: Listening Together – 157





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