Jesus Through Old Testament Eyes


By: Jensen, Matthew


ISBN: 9781922206039

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Our world today overflows with ideas and misunderstandings about Jesus. Who was he, really? What did he think about himself? How can we get at the truth about him today, 2000 years later? Amid the enormous diversity of views on offer, is there any way to really grasp the truth about Jesus? In this series of eight studies, Matthew Jensen answers these crucial questions by guiding us through several key Bible passages, showing that amid the competing opinions, there is a way forward: seeing Jesus as he saw himself, through the ‘glasses’ of the Old Testament Scriptures. Jesus Through Old Testament Eyes shows how and why the Old Testament is the indispensable key to properly understanding the life and ministry of the most extraordinary person who ever lived. It will help you to grow in your understanding of the Bible’s big picture, and in your appreciation for the Lord Jesus and all he accomplished. 8 studies. Leader’s notes included. About Pathway Bible Guides This Bible study resource is part of our series of Pathway Bible Guides. This series aims to provide simple, straightforward Bible study material for: » Christians who are new to studying the Bible (perhaps because they’ve been recently converted or because they have joined a Bible study group for the first time) » Christians who find other studies (such as the Interactive Bible Studies) too much of a stretch » groups with limited time for study. Accordingly, we’ve designed the studies to be short, straightforward and easy to use, with an uncomplicated vocabulary. At the same time, we’ve tried to do justice to the passages being studied, and to model good Bible-reading principles. We’ve tried to be simple without being simplistic; no-nonsense without being no-content. The questions and answers assume a small group context, but can be easily adapted to suit different situations, such as individual study and one-to-one.