A devotion by Trevor Bradley

Faith to Live By, A (PB)Believe… I am seeking the LORD to teach me a whole new way life.  The word of the Lord says that I am called to live a life of faith. Faith in Him pleases Him.  This I want to do…

I want GOD to alter, change and rearrange the order of things in my life so that I might know what it is to take HIM at HIS word for everything pertaining to life.

3 words. 3 people. 3 very different set of circumstances.  They are: BARRENNESS, BATTLE, and BLEEDING.

How Long O LordBARRENESS:  Abraham and Sarah receive a promise. Years pass and still no fulfillment comes.  They delay God’s answer by getting personally involved… enter Ishmael… at 100 years old and with Sarah in her 90’s, GOD answers and makes good on HIS word.

BATTLE:  Joshua  is fighting the Amorites – the day is drawing to a close and Joshua realizes that if they don’t finish the enemy off, they might come back later to attack Israel yet again.  He prays an outrageous prayer (Joshua 10 vs 12 & 13), and God stops the sun & the moon in their tracks so that he can finish the job…  GOD gives the victory.

BLEEDING:  A woman with a physical condition.. she tried everything and spent all her money to get healed. She is an outcast, alone and ostracized…hears of JESUS..if only she could touch HIS prayer shawl….does and gets healed.

The word says that my GOD, has not changed from the GOD who was back then.  He can and still wants to do the impossible, if we will take HIM AT HIS WORD AND BELIEVE HIS PROMISE.  You and I are His covenant children.  And he has covenanted to deliver on His word to us.  Why? Simply because of who He is and that He loves us.

You may be in barren-land today. The land of nothingness. Death. Fruitlessness.
Or you may be in the heat of a battle and time is running out for you. You have fought and fought but you just cannot ‘finish’ the enemy off, and you are weary.  You my be bleeding.  You have spent your all to find your desired ‘wholeness’ , but to no avail.  You know loneliness and what it’s like to be marginalized, and life is being drained from you daily.

God stands before us today and says to us ‘I have not changed. My arm has not weakened. I still do what you believe to be the IMPOSSIBLE even though you might think that your ‘ask’ is outrageous like that of Joshua’s..ask of my word’.

(Mark 9 vs 23): If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. If you can believe… Will you today??

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