Ordinary – Bible Study Book [eBook]


By: Merida, Tony

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ISBN: 9781430042532

The Ordinary Bible Study includes a small group experience for six sessions, applicable Scripture, discussion questions, an Ordinary Action Plan, and individual study.

Ordinary is not a call to be more radical. If anything, it is a call to the contrary. The kingdom of God isn’t coming with light shows and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service performed during the normal rhythms of life. Ordinary encourages participants to move into a life of mission and justice—speaking up for the voiceless, caring for the single mom, restoring the broken, bearing burdens, welcoming the functionally fatherless, and speaking the good news to people on a regular basis in order to change the world.

The following six sessions make up the essential contents of Ordinary:

  1. Everyday Justice: Trading Sensationalism for Ordinary Christianity
  2. Neighbor Love: How Justified Sinners Show Compassion in Word and Deed
  3. Kingdom Hospitality: How the King’s People Welcome Others
  4. Care for the Vulnerable: How the Father’s Children Love the Fatherless
  5. Courageous Advocacy: How God’s People Speak Up for the Voiceless
  6. God-Centered Humility: How an Ordinary Christian Walked with His Extraordinary God


  • 6 group sessions
  • No prep, facilitator-led small group experiences with content for follow-up personal Bible study
  • Practical application steps that enable readers to assess their understanding of the gospel and their level of commitment


  • Move toward a missonal life
  • Learn through action how to make the gospel more central to your life
  • Discover a type of missionality that feels more doable as opposed to a radical change to life
  • Develop a better understanding of biblical justice
  • Lead group members into a transformation journey that includes a lifestyle of supporting biblical justice
  • Foster disciple-making within the local church





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