The Wages of Spin [eBook]


By: Carl R Trueman

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ISBN: 9781845509484

Critical Writings on Historical and Contemporary Evangelicalism

Do you have an opinion? There is an increasing tendency in Evangelical circles to regard disagreement in our allegedly post-modern world as inherently oppressive. Too many people sit on the fence and ignore, or are unaware of, the fact that Christianity is an historical religion. As Laurence Peter once said “History repeats itself because nobody listens.” The point of having a debate is not to have a debate and then agree to differ (sitting around in a mutually affirming love-fest) – the point of debate, as the Apostle Paul clearly demonstrates time and again in the book of Acts, is to establish which position is best. Carl Trueman’s intends to provoke you with this collection of essays into thinking for yourself and to have an opinion on THINGS THAT MATTER!






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