The Tongue [HC]


By: Capps, Charles


ISBN: 9781680317992

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A Creative Force

Life is not whatever will be, will be.  It’s what you say it is!  Words are the most powerful force in the universe, and you can release this ultimate creative power in your life by your words.

In this classic book first published in 1976, bestselling author and renowned faith teacher Charles Capps lays a biblical foundation for the power of words – both God’s and yours.  The heavens and the earth were created as God released His power by the spoken word.  In the beginning, God said, “Light be!” and light was.  God planned for you to do the same.  God’s Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes a spiritual force that releases His ability in your world.

In The Tongue, Charles Capps lays out straight-forward, Scripture-based teaching to help you…

  • Recognize the power in your tongue;
  • Align your words with God’s;
  • Activate creative power in you.

As you speak faith-filled words into your situations, your words will position you to receive God’s best in every area of your life!