Review: Praying with Paul Bible Study

Authors: D.A. Carson & Brian Tabb
Reviewed by Chris Thwala

“What is your church’s greatest need?” asks Brian Tabb & Don Carson (the authors of the Bible Study: Praying with Paul). Perhaps your church is struggling financially, the numbers are dwindling or there are massive pastoral issues that need to be sorted out immediately. But is that your church’s greatest need? If we run the local church like a business, wanting it to grow economically and popular, that is dangerous.

Praying with Paul (DVD Leader Kit)

The church’s greatest need is not to be known as affluent or well established; the most important thing for the body of Christ is to be always connected to God. In order for the church to be fresh and in clear conscience connection with God, it has to be in communion with its maker, which can only happen through prayer.

In their Bible study on “Praying with Paul” Tabb & Carson brilliantly refocuses our hearts on prayer. They wet our apatite to hunger and thirst for God as the Apostle Paul was in his prayer life given for us in the epistles. In praying with Paul, we learn a lot about who the Trinitarian God is, what the gospel has achieved for us and how we can address God in Prayer meaningfully.

Here are three things that stood out for me from this Bible study:

(a) God centered Prayer life;

(b) Framework of Prayer;

(c) Power in prayer.

This Bible study will help you and your church (a) To have prayers that are more biblical than prayers that are self-focused, (b) to have a deeper meaningful prayers that have structure, and (c) to grow in your gratitude towards God, loving people as you pray for their growth and to be mission minded church.

“Our prayers reveal what we believe about God and what we really value and desire.” Tabb & Carson.

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