Timothy Keller’s new book as just arrived

  • Maybe you grew up a Christian and then stopped going to Church?
  • Maybe religion failed you in some way and you never returned to God?
  • Maybe science and skepticism replaced your need for God?

making-sense-of-godBut now you have trouble answering life’s bigger questions…. “Where can I find fulfillment”?“Will we ever have real justice?”…  “Why am I still not satisfied?”…

Maybe it is time to take another look at God?

We live in an age of skepticism.  Our society places such faith in empirical reason, historical progress, and heartfelt emotion that it’s easy to wonder: “Why should anyone believe in Christianity?” or “What role can faith and religion play in our modern lives?”

In this thoughtful and inspiring new book, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller invites skeptics to consider that Christianity is more relevant now than ever.  As human beings, we cannot live without meaning, satisfaction, freedom, identity, justice, and hope.  Christianity provides us with unsurpassed resources to meet these needs.  Written for both the ardent believer and the skeptic, Making Sense of God shines a light on the profound value and importance of Christianity in our lives.

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