Book Review: A Solid Foundation


Biblical Truths our children must know before the age of 12

Author: Rev Leigh Robinson

Rev Leigh Robinson is the senior pastor of Rosebank Union Church in Johannesburg.  He has had over 40 years of pastoral, counselling and teaching ministry in both South Africa and Canada.  Leigh has just released his first children’s book – A Solid Foundation.

solid-foundation-aLeigh says: “Without question parents play the major role in influencing their children to know, love and obey God.  In the past parents could count on some biblical knowledge being imparted to their children at school.  This is for the most part no longer the case.  The chances are good that the only religious instruction children now receive at school will be that all religions are equally valid and should be respected.  Even children who attend a good Sunday School will receive at best about twenty hours of action instruction in the course of a year.  So parents, it’s up to you.  God has commanded you a “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:2).  Much of this training and instruction should happen in the normal course of life in the home.  

Leigh Robinson encourages parents in the holy task of laying A Solid Foundation in their children’s lives as they help their children to memorize the bible passages in this little book.  As he reminds us, the benefits of having God’s word hidden in their hearts as they journey through life are eternal.

At only R50.00 each, these books will make great year end prizes and stocking fillers.

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