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Gospel Commision Writers to-Read
 The Gospel Commission

By Michael Horton

 Writers to Read

By Douglas Wilson

At a time when churches are engaged in creating mission statements and strategic plans Horton argues that we should ask ourselves anew whether we are ambassadors following the script we have been given, or building our own kingdoms with our own blueprint. If books are among our friends, we ought to choose them wisely.  But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. The author introduces us to nine of his favorite authors over the last 150 years, exploring their lives, works and legacies. He opens our eyes to literary mentors who teach us what good writing looks like, and helps us become better readers in the process.
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Story of Everything, The Prayer Praise-and-Promises-
The Story of Everything

By Jared C. Wilson

 Prayer, Praise & Promises

 By Warren Wiersbe

We’re all searching for significance – something deeper, richer, and bigger than what we can see in our unremarkable, everyday routines. The greatest news we can hear is that God has a very real purpose for everything in this life. This book explores the redemptive story that God is telling in and through the world. Psalms have always held a special place in worship. From expressions of joy and thanksgiving to heart wrenching please for mercy and strength, these poetic verses have been the basis of Christian worship for millennia.   You can experience the richness of the Psalms every day in this classic book,  asWiersbe plumbs the depths of the Psalms and adds personal devotions and reflections you will want to savour all year long.
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