Book Review: Meaning of Marriage

Author: Timothy & Kathy Keller   Reviewed by Joseph & Lisa Beattie

Meaning of Marriage (Riverhead)(PB)How many people would have thought, thought of what Timothy and Kathy Keller lay out in their book? Only God. In Ephesians chapter 5, Paul outlines the basis for solid Christ-like marriages, yet Timothy and Kathy help us understand it, pragmatically.

Honestly real and applicable, The Meaning of Marriage is easily read by the Christian and non-Christian alike to not only refine their marriage, but also assist one in why it is important to stick marriage out when it often doesn’t make sense. Defining what true love is, how friendship should underlie a solid relationship and how this looks like in real life after a covenant is made by two imperfect people, makes this book not only an inspiring, but humbling book to read for the already married; and also for those looking into getting into marriage or not wanting to make a true commitment to marriage.

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