Book Review: A very different Christmas

Authors: Rico Tice & Nate Morgan Locke (Reviewed by Sylvia Bester)

Very Different ChristmasThe title of this book intrigued me from the outset as I am always on the lookout for ”difference”.  This is a page-turner second to none and even the most conservative reader can’t help but open it up and have a peek.

When one thinks of Christmas one usually thinks of gifts and all the joy and pleasure that should accompany this gifts.  Well, this book is indeed about gifts, however, not the kind of gifts we give but the gifts we receive.

Which then, are these gifts and what is so very different about them?

Rico tells us about 4 amazing gifts, gifts that are not new to the believing Christian but gifts which we take for granted and subsequently need reminding of their worth.  I will let Rico remind you of these gifts but I will tell you that they are priceless and irreplaceable.

Towards the end of this compelling little book Rico asks the question ”What will You do with the Gifts God is offering You?”

He also states and I quote from page 51 “It’s a question that matters more than any other. Its far more crucial than answering: what are we doing this Christmas?  What will I buy this Christmas? How will I get through this Christmas?”

So here is what you do….. Get a copy of this book for yourself, get a copy for a friend, get a copy for a family member – or even get a copy for a stranger… you won’t regret it.


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