20th Birthday Celebrations: December

Prices valid 20-31st December or while stocks last.

Missing the Point Roberts, Vaughan  Authentic  R45.71  56%  R20.00 Missing the Point
Augustine (CBBS)  Eyre, Stephen IVP R78.57 49%  R40.00 Augustine (CBBS)
Truth Apparent  Adams, Jay Timeless Texts R128.57 50% R65.00 Truth Apparent
Truth is the Word Peppler, Christopher Christy Publications R150.00 33% R100.00 Truth is thy Word
Audrey Featherstone I presume? Shenton, Tim Evangelical Press R150.00 50% R75.00 Audrey Featherstone, I Presume
Sacred Secrets


Moore, Beth Lifeway R164.29 42% R95.00 Sacred Secrets Study journal
Hosea (Focus on the Bible) Eaton, Michael CFP R142.86 51% R70.00 Hosea (Focus on the Bible)
Holiness Ryle, JC 10 Publishing  R178.57  50%  R90.00 Holiness JC Ryle
Handle that new call with care. Campbell, David Day One  R85.71  47%  R45.00 Handle that New Call with Care
Vintage Church Driscoll, Mark  Crossway  R250.00  60%  R100.00 vintage church
Proclaiming the Risen Lord (Acts) Bolt, Peter Matthias Media  R56.43  47% R30.00 Proclaiming the Risen Lord
Receiving comfort from God (LGBS) Ryan, Dale & Juanita  IVP  R52.85  53%  R25.00 Receiving comfort from God (2)
Understanding Leadership (Learn 2 Lead) Good Book Co  R64.29  53%  R30.00 Understanding Leadership (Learn 2 Lead)
Help! My Spouse has been unfaithful Summers, Mike  Day One  R25.00  50%  R12.50 Help_My_Spouse_has_been_unfaithful_9781846252204
Just Start Talking (workbook) Ramsay & Stace Evangelism Ministries  R45.71  45%  R25.00 Just Start Talking (Workbook)
On Who is God? Driscoll, Mark  Crossway  R100.00  50%  R50.00 On who is God
Unshakeable Confidence (Habakkuk & Joel) Bakes, A CFP  R50.00  50%  R25.00 Unshakeable Confidence
Cracking Da Vinci’s Code (Digest Edition) Jones & Garlow Cook Communications  R42.86  53%  R20.00  Cracking Da Vincis Code
All you need to Know (2 Peter) Smith, Bryson Matthias Media  R60.00  50%  R30.00  All You Need to Know (2 Peter)
Amazing Love: Hosea (Geared for Growth) Russell, Dorothy Good Book Co  R50.00  50% R25.00  Amazing Love (Hosea) Geared for Growth



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