20th Birthday Celebration: November

Prices valid 22-30th November or while stocks last.

Capturing the Pagan Mind Jones, Peter  B&H  R235.71  58%  R100.00 capturing the pagan mind
ESV Economy Bible Crossway R57.14 48%  R30.00 ESV Economy Bible (PB)
Cross from a distance (NSBT)  Bolt, Peter IVP R200.00 50% R100.00 The Cross from a Distance (NSBT)
Gospel Centered Church Timmis & Chester Good Book Co R107.14 49% R55.00 Gospel Centered Church
Manhood Restored (study guide) Mason, Eric Lifeway R150.00 43% R85.00 Manhood Restored (Study Guide)
Lord’s Supper Jeffrey, Peter Evangelical Press R80.00 50% R40.00 The Lord's Supper
Back to the Blackboard Adams, Jay Timeless Texts R100.00 50% R50.00 Back to the Blackboard
Work of Christ (CCT) IVP Letham, Robert  R257.14  55%  R125.00 Work of Christ, The (CCT)
Don’t call it a comeback  de Young, Kevin Crossway  R271.43  61%  R105.00 Don't call it a comeback
Charting a New Course Dever & Schnucker  Centre for Church Reform  R3.00  50%  R1.50 Charting a new Course
Trellis & The Vine Payne & Marshall  Matthias Media  R171.43  54% R80.00 Trellis and the Vine, The
Jesus @ Leisure Beynon, Graham  Authentic  R46.71  57%  R20.00 JESUS@LEISURE
Cash Values Payne, Tony Matthias Media  R57.14  56%  R25.00 Cash Values (Matthias) New Format
Churches going Global  Jeffrey & Johnson  Lifestyle  R114.29  57%  R50.00 Churches Going Global
Art of Living (Proverbs) Smith, Bryson Matthias Media  R67.14  48%  R35.00 Art of Living, The (Proverbs)
On Church Leadership Driscoll, Mark  Crossway  R100.00  50%  R50.00 on church leadership
What’s going on out there? Benton, John Evangelical Press  R15.71  53%  R7.50 What's Going On Out There
Building for God’s Glory (Haggai & Zechariah) Bentley, Michael Evangelical Press  R135.71  56%  R60.00 BUILDING FOR GOD'S GLORY
Esther (The Guide) Bloomfield, Peter Evangelical Press  R114.29  52%  R55.00 Esther (Guide)
 Seek the Truth (Da Vinci Tract) Thornborough, Tim Good Book Co  R1.43  51% R0.70 Seek the Truth (Da Vinci Tract)


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