Capturing the Pagan Mind [HC]


By: Jones, Peter

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ISBN: 0805425896

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Paul’s Blueprint for Thinking and Living in the New Global Culture

Imagine a sports-mad culture, deep into Eastern spirituality, political globalism, and religious syncretism.  Where women, finding child-rearing an inconvenience, abandon or abort their babies.  A society where divorce and remarriage touches everyone.  Imagine a society overrun by sexual deviancy and perversion.  Sound familiar?

It would sound familiar to the apostle Paul.  The culture to which he ministered so effectively resembled our planetary culture – almost decadent point for point.  But what should encourage Christians today is that Paul, understanding the times, knew how to reach the culture for Christ.  And he can teach us the rules of engagement today.  Capturing the Pagan Mind helps us look to an old rabbi, who is still relevant, wise, and powerful and who still tells pagans who their “unknown god” really is their Creator and Redeemer





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