John Blanchard Promotion

 For those of you who were unable to attend one of John Blanchard’s meetings around the country, here is a last chance to purchase his books at the special tour prices until 15th November 2015

Whatever Happened to Hell?  Evangelical Press  R215.00 R150.00 Whatever Happened to Hell?
What in the World is a Christian? Evangelical Press R130.00 R100.00  What in the World is a Christian?
Why are you here? Evangelical Press R165.00 R120.00  Why Are You Here?
Hitch Hikers Guide to Heaven Evangelical Press R130.00 R80.00  Hitch hikers guide to heaven
Has Science got rid of God? Evangelical Press R105.00 R70.00  has science got rid of god
Is God past His sell-by Date? Evangelical Press R100.00 R70.00  Is God Past His Sell-By Date
Major Points from Minor Prophets Evangelical Press R155.00 R100.00  Major points from the Minor prophets
Luke comes Alive Evangelical Press  R80.00  R60.00  Luke comes Alive
Right with God Evangelical Press  R110.00 R100.00  Right With God
Read Mark Learn Evangelical Press  R50.00 R35.00  Read mark learn
The Beatitudes for today Evangelical  R135.00 R90.00  Beatitudes for Today
Meet the real Jesus  Evangelical Press  R140.00 R100.00  Meet the Real Jesus 1
How to enjoy your Bible Evangelical Press  R115.00  R80.00  How to Enjoy Your Bible 1
Travel with John Blanchard Evangelical Press  R140.00  R60.00  travel with John Blanchard
Dealing with Dawkins Evangelical Press  R35.00 R25.00  dealing with dawkins
Ultimate Questions Booklet (ESV & NIV translation) Evangelical Press  R20.00 R15.00  Ultimate Questions (ESV Booklet Edition)
Ultimate Questions Pocket Edition

(ESV & NIV translation)

Evangelical Press  R10.00  R7.00  Ultimate questions pocket NIV

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