The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to Heaven


By: Blanchard, John

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ISBN: 9780852349380

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With so many false views of heaven all around us, John Blanchard gets rid of any speculation and focuses, from the Bible, both on what heaven is and how people are to make their way there. The author reminds us of what is so often forgotten in relation to heaven: that the most wonderful thing about it is being with Christ. In a world that is fixated with the here-and-now, here is a reminder of what Richard Baxter used to work hard at communicating to his church members: that death is not the end of the pilgrimage, but merely the end of the beginning. In this book, there is, as there was with Baxter, a filling of both the mind and heart with a recognition of an age to come in order that Christians might live godly lives in the present age. In his introduction, John Blanchard quotes the American preacher, Al Martin, who claims, “If I took a pair of scissors and clipped out every explicit and implicit reference to heaven from Genesis to Revelation, I would be left with a very thin Bible.”





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