A Cry for Help

By Trevor Bradley

Anxious for NothingIsaiah 33 vs 2.  Who couldn’t do with a bit of help?  Someone to come alongside and share the burden or to take it in totality.  Many feel lonely crusaders, even to the extreme that God has forgotten them…

Here’s a cry for God to come, to make Himself known, to demonstrate his power.  “O LORD be gracious to us; we have waited for you. be our strength every morning” (note, not every week, every month, every year).

It’s the striving – me wanting to fix, to take things into my hands – that thwarts and frustrates God’s plans and purposes.  Psalm 127 says that unless the Lord builds the God of All Comfort, The (Isaiah)house, we who labour, labour in vain. It is all in vain.

Remember Saul?  He had to wait for Samuel to bring an offering to God on behalf of the nation of Israel.  He got impatient and took things into his own hands and suffered the consequences (Read 1 Samuel vs 15).  Saul’s theme song which was echoed from the lips of Frank Sinatra ‘I did it my way’.

Then the verse says “be our strength” for we are powerless, without you we can do nothing. (check out John 15 vs 5, Zechariah 4 vs 6 and  2 Chronicles 20 vs 12).

Strengthen Yourself in the LordAlso “be our salvation”.  To that the promise is given in Isaiah 40   “Behold, the Lord will come with might ( in power, to deliver)”.

So we wait for Him, and when He comes, He will strengthen us and deliver us.  That is my prayer today, is that yours?  I must do what Psalm 123 calls me to do. ” So our eyes look to the LORD, until He is gracious to us” (and rest assured He will be be according to His word as you and I ‘wait’ for Him)

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