The God of All Comfort (Isaiah)


By: Ellsworth, Roger



ISBN: 0852345496

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Reflections in the Book of Isaiah

The prophecy of Isaiah consists of sixty-six chapters.  Its last twenty-seven chapters may be considered to be a book within a book.  These chapters, which are bound together by the theme of comfort, can be called ‘God’s Book of Comfort.’  This portion of God’s Word lends itself well to a devotional format, and this book has been structured in that way.  The reader will find at the beginning of each chapter some suggestions on how to get the most out of each chapter.  Each chapter ends with some questions that are intended to encourage the reader to preserve some of his or her thoughts in journal form.  This is a wonderfully helpful discipline, and will be instrumental in getting some to start and others to continue.  Approached in this way, the reader will have devotional material for twenty-seven days to visit each of these precious, comforting chapters in the Word of our God.





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