Book Review: Has Christianity Failed You?

Author:  Ravi Zacharias

Has Christianity Failed You?Ravi Zacharias has written this book for anyone who has left the church literally or emotionally, who lives with silent doubts and who struggles with the simplistic “Jesus is the answer” when suffocated with daunting questions.

Why is it that many live with silent doubt, many leaving the evangelical fold for something else? Is there something wrong with the message, the communicator, the hearer, or is it all three? It’s time to ask the hard questions of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and why it seems as though God has made it so hard to continue believing.

Zacharias explores topics such as “Who is Jesus?”, “How does a person get close to God?” and “Are purpose driven and reason driven always at odds?”  He tackles head-on the question of why so many people today have given up on faith.  The book attempts to lay out the response to those within as well as those outside the Christian faith so as to understand what it is we believe and why it is so hard to do so.  More to the point: Why it is actually so hard to deny God and still make sense out of life?  In the end the answers should be both felt and real, with the added truth that God is nearer than you think.  He desires that we sense Him very near to us and not distant. But closeness comes at a cost just as any relationship of love and commitment does.

Finally,  Ravi asks if the irrational ends of the skeptic’s view of a world without God  places at risk the very existence of humanity.

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