20th Birthday Celebration: April Promotion


Secrets of the Vine (HC) Wilkenson, Bruce Multnomah R64.29 69% R20.00 Secrets of the Vine (HC)
Help! I’m a slave to food McCoy, Shannon Day One R50.00 50%  R10.00 HELP! I'm a Slave to Food
Ultimate Questions (French) Blanchard, John Evangelical Press R50.00 50%  R25.00 Ultimate Questions (French)
Opening up Ezekiel’s Visions Jeffrey, Peter Day One R64.29 46% R35.00 Opening up Ezekiels visions
Freedom of Christian Living (Romans 12-16) Cheng, Gordon Matthias Media R71.43 51% R35.00 Freedom of Christian Living (Rom 12-16)
Real Freedom: The Journey, the stories Moore, Beth Lifeway R42.85 53% R53.20 Real Freedom - the Journey the stories
God of All Comfort (Isaiah) Ellsworth, Roger Evangelical Press R135.71 63% R50.00 God of All Comfort, The (Isaiah)
Da Vinci Code, The  Williams, Gary  CFP  R35.71  50%  R17.50  Da Vinci Code, The
 Life God Rewards (Bible Study)  Wilkenson, Bruce  Multnomah  R25.00  60%  R10.00  A Life God Rewards Bible Study
God’s Little People – Apostles of Jesus Edwards, Brian  Day One  R100.00  60%  R40.00  gods-little-people-in-paul
Preaching God’s Big Story Crowter, Phil  Good Book  R85.71  42% R50.00  Preaching God's Big Story
 New Irish Hymns # 4 CD  Ghetty  Kingsway  R142.86  44%  R80.00  New Irish Hymns 3
 Burning Desire (Obadiah & Malachi) Jensen & Pulley  Matthias Media  R40.24  50%  R20.00  Burning Desire
 New Bible Dictionary  IVP  R628.57  50%  R315.00  New Bible Dictionary
Personal Follow Up (Trainee Workbook) Matthias Media  R39.57  50%  R20.00  Personal Follow Up (Trainee Workbook)
Lit!  Reinke, Tony  Crossway  R214.29  51%  R105.00  Lit
God’s Good Design  Smith, Claire Matthias Media  R221.43  50%  R110.00  gods good design
Urban Church Planting Manual  Keller, Tim Redeemer  R214.29  40%  R130.00  Urban Church Planting manual
Power of Humility  Kendall,RT Charisma  R271.43  41%  R160.00  Power of Humility, The
Why 27? Edwards, Brian Evangelical Press  R142.86  51%  R70.00  Why-27_small


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