How to read a Christian Book (and remember it)

By Jean Williams

If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s forgetting.  Your name… What I did on the weekend… The experiences of last year… Gone, every one!

LitI used to read Christian books and forget them.  In one sense, that’s no big deal: we all forget, and it doesn’t mean we haven’t learned anything.  But I also wasn’t absorbing what I read: crystallizing the key points, tasting the sweet, going away informed and transformed. That takes a different kind of reading.

Over the years I developed a method of reading that helped me to remember what I read.  I thought this was idiosyncratic, something that would work only for me, until I read Tony Reinke’s  Lit.  To my surprise, a number of “my” techniques jumped of the page.  If they’re good enough for Reinke, they’re good enough for me, and they might work for you too.

So here they are:  11 ways to read a Christian book, absorb it, and remember what you have read (if you are an e-book reader, adapt them for the screen, you can highlight and make notes there too. Read more…

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