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By: Reinke, Tony


ISBN: 9781433522260

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A Christian Guide to Reading Books

Whether reading is your addiction or your phobia, this book is for you.  A practical guide built on the gospel, Lit! models the skills needed to build a balanced reading diet of Scripture, theology, and devotional books, but without overlooking important how-to books, great stories, and books meant to be enjoyed for pleasure.

Literature scholar Leland Ryken calls it “a triumph of scholarship,” but mostly it’s a non-pretentious book about reading from an average reader who wants to share important convictions and skills you can use for the rest of your luminously literate life.




1 review for Lit!

  1. CBD

    I love reading books: Christian, non-Christian, or fiction. And I already have something of a system in place to help me plan what I’ll be reading. But even still, I found this book to be incredibly helpful in giving loads of sound, practical advice on how to improve in my reading and love of books.

    The introduction and first three chapters are my only criticism. I felt they took too long to get into the meat of the book. They all took a different slant on how the Gospel should affect our reading. This is an immensely important subject but I think all four of these sections could have been combined into the introduction, or perhaps just one concise chapter on the matter.

    Chapter four was where things swung with a somewhat helpful introduction to reading with a biblical worldview. From chapter five onwards the book became immensely helpful in answering some important questions that Christian readers need to think through, and then from chapter seven onwards providing page after page of really useful practical advice.

    This is a book I will come back to in a few years time to reassess my reading, and years after that again—particularly (God-willing) if I have children and want to encourage them with the same love for reading.

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