Where to from here?

 A devotion by Trevor Bradley

A family and the world is shattered when it sees the beheading of a young man on TV …… A young man’s wife, whom I briefly met, is taken from him through a tumor on the brain at 33 years of age. Where to from here?

God's Solutions to Life's ProblemsListen to the line of a song by one of my favorite gospel groups, 4 HIM:

I quote Isaiah 61 vs 1-3 and pray at the same time that this will be the portion today of those closest and those needing HIS help.

“I have come to bind up the broken hearted ( there’s nothing harder to deal with to than a heart shattered. HE has promised to bind it up). To give those who mourn a garland instead of ashes(for even though you cannot see it now, from these ashes I will make beauty to rise), the oil of gladness instead of mourning( whenever oil is mentioned in the word it has to do with the Holy Spirit. So my Spirit will come upon you and from within you, it will astound you, joy will arise), and a mantle of praise for the spirit of fainting (Nehemiah 8 vs 10 ‘ The joy of the Lord is our/my STRENGTH.’…..I WILL The Bookends of the Christian Lifecover you with my strength).

Notice the first few words of Isaiah 61- “I HAVE COME”.  It will, and can never be, anything of our own doing. For it is impossible for us to do. But HE IS ABLE. HE IS HERE. HE WILL DO AS HIS WORD PROMISES.

So where to from here? Let’s follow the words of 4HIM and run to that shelter which is Jesus Christ, there to find a haven in the shadow of HIS wings, until the storm passes.

Grace to you today in abundance. For whatever the storm, HE IS A SHELTER.

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