Book Review: My Seventh Monsoon

Author : Naomi Reed

Reviewed by Nikki Brandsma (CBD Store manger)My Seventh Monsoon (Reed) Authentic

My Seventh Monsoon is the first in Naomi Reed’s award-winning trilogy. Written during the monsoon of 2005, Naomi, wife to Darren, both trained physiotherapists, shares their Himalayan journey of faith and mission. She does this by reflecting on the various seasons and the trials, challenges and joys that accompany them.

This book is a fresh and honest account of the thoughts and real encounters that they are faced with in their journey of obedience to do what the Lord has called them to do. Naomi is vulnerable in that she shares her inner thoughts and doubts, her private struggles and her joys through life in two countries, both as serving in the medical field as well as serving in their local church and communities. Her writing sets the scenes really well and you can almost picture the green lush hills at the base of the snow capped Himalaya’s and smell the spicy dal bhat as they sit down for a meal.

A great and enjoyable read for everyone but a ‘must’ for those considering overseas mission work as well as thought provoking for those wondering what you have been called to do, with the talents you have been given.

This book is followed by its sequel ‘No Ordinary View’ and ‘Over My Shoulder’ (about the impact of personality on cross-cultural mission).

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