What now?

Devotion by Trevor Bradley

Trusting GodDo you ever wake up full of the ‘joys’, only to have that ripped away and replaced by the unexpected?  The foundations of your world have gone from immovable to marshmellow …

There’s a start to a chapter in 2 Chronicles 20 that showcases this.  It starts out like this – “AND THEN IT HAPPENED” …. They never saw it coming.

Max Lucado says: GOD will see you through this.It might not be painless. But HE WILL take that which seems will harm,and use it/turn it around,for your good…HE WILL see you through”

Life Is an Obstacle CourseHow can we be sure?….. Because of the promise HE has given to us.  Proverbs 3 vs 5-6: “Trust in the Lord (the GOD  who is able. The mover of mountains. EL- the all-powerful one) wholeheartedly (with all that is within you. Stake it all on HIM) and do not lean on own understanding (wisdom,ability,gifts).  In ALL that is happening acknowledge that HE IS in control, and HE WILL direct your ways/paths (Psalm 32 vs 8 : ‘I will instruct you and teach you in the way you must go. With my eye watching over you, I will counsel/direct you’).

That’s HIS promise to you today. HIS word of truth. HIS assurance.

Right Side UpSO?

Psalm 46 vs 10 says “Let go,relax,and let God be God”.   Easy?   ……. Never ….  Is it contrary to what you believe you ought to do and the system tells you to do?  You bet.  But I would rather put my “what now” in HIS hands than in the hands of anyone else.

Wouldn’t  you?