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 Sylvia Bester has been part of the CBD family since August 2009 after retiring from her career in banking.  She has always loved books (the smell and feel of them). Sylvia is a Social Media junkie, passionate about people and how she can make a difference in their lives by encouraging them to read good books. 

by Martin Ayers

Shifting your thinking on doubt ……

Keep the FaithThis great little book is part of a collection of “Guidebooks for Life” published by Matthias Media and its very aptly titled.

The author reminds of the times when we as Christians feel as if we are going in the opposite direction to our family and friends and we feel very lonely and isolated. At times like this it’s important to keep going in that opposite direction, the direction of our redeemer.

Our Christian faith defines who we are and that faith and union with Jesus is sufficient for all our needs. We are reminded that if we become doubtful about what we believe it will become increasingly harder to rely and live according to those beliefs.

Living in a society where your friends think you’ve gone mad is not easy for the Christian especially when adherents of other faiths dismiss our faith in Jesus with mockery and scorn.  What we need to remember when we are challenged by doubt is the reason why we put our trust in Jesus and that Christianity has been weighed and measured throughout history and never been found wanting.

We need to be careful that we don’t reduce our levels of commitment and involvement and so enter into a vicious circle that will eat away at our faith. Following Jesus is an all or nothing experience and serving him wholeheartedly will allow your doubts to dissipate.

I totally agree with the author that the most practical step in dealing with doubt is remembering the Fall and to be encouraged by how we have been rescued from the results.

On page 124 “Our delight will only grow stronger as we mature in our faith by contemplating his(Jesus’s) words and his actions, by serving him wholeheartedly, by speaking to him more often and by getting to know him better through the scriptures”.

A tremendously encouraging book full of anecdotes and scripture references which belongs on every Christian’s bookshelf.


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