Wake Up Call

Maybe your church is just beginning to contemplate a men’s ministry. Or maybe yours has floundered after a few men’s breakfasts or sports activities attended by some guys in the church. Lifeway Publishers have just the answer: a great training church resource by Kenny Luck that will wake up ministry to a vital group in your local churches – men.

Why is it that a short term missions team of 50 currently in South Africa have only 10 males participating? Why are churches in Asia being run by primarily women? Why are sales of books worldwide bought primarily by women?

There can be no movement of God without Men of God.  Kenny Luck writes that:sleeping giant core team workbook

many pastors see the need but not a way to really engage men in their culture and church context. Deep down they know that men have not been moved toward the mission and vision of the local church on the same scale as women. Most men feel further detached from worship and left only with worldly expressions of manhood to fuel their identity.” So, in agreement with the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:14 regarding the men of your church, “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Sleeping Giant is “a punch in the gut and pat on the back for pastors and men worldwide, a biblical treatise that will bring them together and awaken serious ministry potential.” Michael W. Smith has written a great worship song, Help is on the Way. Church leaders interested in building their men’s ministry have HELP ON THE WAY! Awake your men. Check out Sleeping Giant.

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