Sleeping Giant (DVD Leader Kit)


By: Luck, Kenny


ISBN: 634337298887

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No Move of God without Men of God

Sleeping Giant (DVD Leader Kit) is a 6 session Bible study for men.  If you’re looking to disciple the men of your church, to provide a greater context for your existing men’s ministry, or to start a men’s ministry from scratch, this “Men’s Ministry in a Box” is an ideal resource for you.

Author Kenny Luck uses the term “sleeping giant” to describe the men in the body of Christ and the incredible untapped potential within.  Pastors intuitively sense it but are sometimes unsure how to meaningfully engage and integrate the men of their churches. Sleeping Giant introduces a process to move men along an intentional spiritual pathway from “affiliated” to “activated.”  The Sleeping Giant model begins with a core team chosen by the pastor.  Working together, this core team will create a vision for men based on the pastor’s vision for the church while initiating their own spiritual path.  Through the six sessions, this core team will go through the process of Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going.  Upon completion, they will be ready to lead other men through that same process, creating a multiplying effect that spills over into the rest of the church and the community.

The four stages of effective men’s ministry:

  • Get In – to get men on a spiritual pathway with other men who share similar convictions
  • Get Healthy – to move men from surface conversations to deeper “below the water line” honesty
  • Get Strong – to build men into more biblically knowledgeable and more focused husbands, fathers, and leaders
  • Get Going – to send qualified disciples into ongoing ministries with the church


  • Kit includes the Sleeping Giant book, a Core Team Workbook, and 2 DVDs.
  • Core Team Workbook includes practical activities for greater understanding and integration, case studies, group practice, individual growth exercises, and training from the trade book.
  • DVDs include teaching videos and messages to pastors and core team members.
  • DVDs also contain promotional ideas and publicity tools.

Other pieces: operational timeline matrix, easy-to-understand vision of the Sleeping Giant model, catalytic event planning resource, and networking ideas.


  • When church men are activated-not just affiliated-church initiatives are accelerated and achieved faster.
  • When churches are intentionally investing in men, they have a robust leadership engine for driving on-going ministry.
  • A healthy men’s ministry allows the pastor to focus on the core church ministries.
  • The Sleeping Giant model doesn’t replace ongoing ministry-it enhances ongoing ministry by building on your church’s DNA.
  • It also helps solve the problems of male flight, giving, church growth, church health, justice, staffing and leadership, energy for initiatives, and more.




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