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Nehemiah – Kelly Minter

I started Nehemiah just after I’d had quite a big birthday in my life: the big 3-0. I felt like I was starting to be more comfortable with who I was, who God has moulded me into over my life. I’ll admit, after having done a few Beth Moore studies, I was excited to side track and tackle another study by someone, close to Beth Moore herself, but who wasn’t Beth Moore. Just to get another angle and perspective on scripture from another source. Let me tell you ~ I wasn’t comfortable with myself for very long… in a good way!

Kelly Minter blew me away. Her heart is evident throughout this entire study. She’s real, she family-oriented even though she’s never married, and she just shines honesty, integrity and commitment to the Saviour. Her study on Nehemiah is her third small group study (Ruth and No Other Gods being her first two) but the first of her studies that comes with a DVD set.Watching her DVD sessions, was like having a cup of tea with a old friend. It’s almost as if she climbs onto your couch and gets real with you every session. Every week, she’s included a recipe and encourages groups to share a meal during their study time together.

Nehemiah is obviously based on the biblical book of the same name and journeys into your heart to find out what it is that God is breaking it for. Nehemiah’s heart was broken for his people so much so that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to supervise the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem and restore the pride and dignity of his generation. Kelly Minter asks the question: What has God broken your heart for and what are you doing about it? Yes, it might lead you out of your comfort zone. Yes, it might lead you into being transparent about personal struggles and past mistakes. Yes, it might mean sacrifice and hardship BUT whatever happened in your past, and how ever badly you hurt, God can use your repaired life but breakable heart to be Jesus in an area where you feel that He’s leading you to. Nothing can compare to walking in God’s will for your life, in the area He’s specifically called you to, and with the people He’s called you to serve. That’s what Kelly’s main lesson is throughout this study.

Throughout the study, Kelly gives clips into a mission trip she took into the Amazon with her family, essentially highlighting the area and people she feels God’s broken her heart for. She’s real, she’s transparent and she’s just a blessing to walk through this study with. If you’re a Beth Moore fan, and you’re scared to take a risk and try another writer, here’s a little endorsement for Miss Minter ~ Beth Moore chose this specific study as her 2012 online summer bible study.

What I learned:-

  • Learn that what makes you weep and what breaks your heart ~ be that poverty, be that missions, be that human trafficking, be that the AIDS crisis, be that orphans;
  • God has placed specifically in your make up, in order for you to come along side people in those very struggles, even if you don’t feel qualified enough to do so.
  • Having a breakable heart means your reliance on the King is greater, and your belief in His plan for you, is greater than any plans you had for your life.

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