Be Radical ….. Say Yes!!

What is so radical about following Jesus?

That is the sub-title of New York Times Best Selling Author David Platt’s RADICAL.

In this small-group Bible study, Pastor Platt challenges the notion that Christians can follow Jesus without giving up our old way of life. Redeemed by radical grace, we are called to a radical abandonment of our agenda, to a radical strategy for making disciples, and to a radical vision for being on mission.

When Jesus called His disciples, they left everything and followed Him. They gave up careers, possessions, and families. Everything that was safe and familiar. Jesus expects no less of His followers today.radical small group study

Jesus is calling you and your church out of comfortable Christianity to take up your cross and follow Him and to embrace Him as your richest treasure. He wants is to feed the poor and reach the lost and to live for the glory of God. That is radical!

So the questions to ask ourselves:

  1. How are we following the world and the enemy rather than our Savior?
  2. Is the new self following the Spirit of God or our flesh?
  3. Is God asking you to give up your career? Certain possessions? Family?

Be RADICAL and say YES.


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