Coffee with Sylvia : Lit by Tony Reineke

Sylvia Bester Picture

Sylvia Bester has been part of the CBD family since August 2009 after retiring from her career in banking.  She has always loved books (the smell and feel of them). Sylvia is a Social Media junkie, passionate about people and how she can make a difference in their lives by encouraging them to read good books. 


Are we making the correct decisions in the books we read?

We are bombarded by books that complicate our lives. Think about it……Book Sales (Charity ones and Commercial ones), Mail shots, Catalogues. Personally I love catalogues and find myself being attracted by the bright colours. However bright colours don’t mean good reading matter, it’s the old adage “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”Lit

Sadly though many Christians don’t read books! Is this you? Do you find reading a chore? I encourage you to find someone at church or your home-group who is an avid reader and observe them, ask them to help you choose a book and read it together. You’ll be amazed.

“Literature does not always lead to the City of God.  But it makes our sojourn on earth much more a thing of beauty and joy and insight and humanity” Leland Ryken.. Windows to the World.

Reinke made me sit up and take stock of the books I have on my bookshelves, on my bedside table, beside the couch, on my kindle…. Are these books going to enrich my spiritual life? Are they going to lead me  down the “wrong” path? Could I pass any of them on with a clear conscience to a friend in need of spiritual or emotional upliftment.

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