Your Walk with God is a Community Projec


By: Tripp, Paul

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ISBN: 9781886568624

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Have you ever wondered why some Christians grow and some don’t?

Have you ever been discouraged or confused in your own relationship with God?

Have you ever wondered if other people go through the things you go through as a Christian?

Have you ever longed for someone who you could share your personal struggles and questions of faith with?

If someone asked you what the key to personal growth and change was what would you say it is?

Could it be that you’re a Christian but you re missing an essential piece of the life God called you to?

Real satisfaction of heart, real growth and change, real effectiveness and purpose is possible! When most Christians think about growing in their faith, they sometimes leave out one of the most important means that God has provided; our friendships! God unites us to Christ but also places us within a community of faith where we influence one another in profound ways.

This conference addresses the most fundamental issues that will help you and others grow in grace: wisdom forgiveness, servant-hood, communication, and conflict. These lifestyle character qualities are essential if marriages, friendships, and churches are going to thrive. Community is counter-intuitive to Western culture, but mandatory to a life of faith. Learn how God has designed for us to growth and change when we are living in biblical community.

Recorded live at a conference on 3 DVDs.

Ten 25 minutes sessions with reproducible Leader s Guide and Discussion Guide on a data disk included free.

Ideal for individual use, small group or Sunday school, or a church wide conference. (Great supplemental reading for this DVD small group resource is Paul Tripp’s book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands or the How People Change book)